Springboard into Agile for Embedded - online Aug 2020

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Springboard in Agile - 17th August 2020

A one day fast paced online introduction to both Agile processes and techniques for use in Embedded Development


This online event will be run live online by Niall Cooling.

Suited to those who are new to Agile for Embedded and want an initial understanding of Agile software development, Feabhas are offering a 'Springboard into Agile for Embedded’ on 17th August 2020.

The topics to be covered include:
•    understanding the principles of Agile Software Development
•    appreciating Agile for Embedded is different from Agile for non-Embedded
•    identifying the tools required to support Agile Software Development
•    considering how Agile can be applied to software for High Integrity Systems development
•    challenges and pitfalls of Agile

Attendees should have a good understanding of software development, including aspects such as design, coding and test.

Tickets are £200 plus VAT

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