Modern C++ for Embedded Development

Feabhas provides C++ 11/C++ 14 training

Modern C++ (C++11/14/17) has been in use in host-based software development for several years, but embedded development has lagged behind, due to a lack of support for Modern C++ in embedded toolchains

We have been teaching primarily C++03 (the predominant earlier C++ standard) to our customers, and Modern C++ to those who had the appropriate toolchain available to them.

Modern C++ toolchains for embedded processors are now much more widely available, and we are finally seeing a wider adoption of Modern C++ amongst our customers. We have therefore decided that all our C++ courses will now teach Modern C++.

What is Modern C++?

The term ‘Modern C++’ is used to describe the current best practices for the use of C++.  In some cases, this may mean new capabilities of the language; in other cases, it means more effective ways of performing familiar programming tasks. Modern C++ is more than just a syntactic change; it's a philosophical change. Modern C++ offers the capability to write more maintainable, extensible and flexible code, but you need to understand its features to be able to do this. It’s possible to get it quite wrong!

Want to know more?

We have a full curriculum of Modern C++ courses - whether you are moving to Modern C++ from C or C++03, or need to take your Modern C++ skills further:

Not sure which course is the right one? Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements with you and make a recommendation.