Improve your C++ skills

C++ is changing

Feabhas provides C++ 11/C++ 14 trainingSince its standardisation in 1998, the support and use of C++ as an embedded programming language has grown significantly. 

Unfortunately, early C++ compilers had limited language support and/or typically generated inefficient code. As a result, a high proportion of programmers using C++ for embedded development have either been unable, or have chosen not to use certain features of C++ due to fear of bloated, slow code with poor performance.

With the advent of updated standard to C++11 and C++14, the embedded C++ market is looking closely at how the new standard aids the embedded programmer.

How Feabhas can help

We can help you (and your teams) to build more effective programs for embedded applications by improving your C++ programming skills:

  • Migrating from embedded C to C++ with a clear introduction to object-oriented programming in the context of real-time embedded systems. Learn more.
  • Understanding the significant compile- and run-time memory and performance issues of an embedded C++ application through practical explanation of the C++ Application Binary Interface (ABI). Learn more.
  • Transitioning to C++11 to learn more about and the new features of ISO 14882 C++ (C++11)  and C++14, and how they relate to the previous incarnation, C++03. Learn more.

We regularly deliver these courses to companies either at their own sites or a site of their choosing, anywhere in the world. We also hold regular public courses in the UK.

Our trainers are all highly skilled and regularly practice what they preach, so you’ll be learning from the best.

If you’d like to discuss your C++ training needs, please contact us.