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The journey to improving your embedded software development skills starts here...

Feabhas training and consultancy improves the embedded software development skills within the world’s leading electronic companies, such as Samsung, Arm, HP and Intel. 

Feabhas courses are available for face to face or remote delivery. 




Improve your embedded development skills with Feabhas

Developing yourself

Learning new embedded software development skills and processes not only helps to deliver better quality products; it also supports continuing professional development.

Feabhas training courses will help you to improve your knowledge of Embedded Linux, C, C++ , Python, software design or testing, with practical exercises and face-to-face lectures from industry experts.

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Improve your team's embedded software development competency

Developing your team

Help your team to gain valuable new skills in embedded software development with Feabhas onsite-training and consultancy.  

Courses are delivered world-wide by industry experts and the practical exercises enable rapid adoption back in the workplace.

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Your Team
Feabhas helps businesses to develop their embedded software development skills

Your partner for improving embedded software development skills

Feabhas can help you improve your embedded software developers' competency and the processes they use.

Many leading companies already use our consultancy, onsite-training and competency assessments, to help them develop better quality products, more efficiently.

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