Case study - Leonardo


Giving graduates a head start

Global high-tech company Leonardo are one of the key players in Aerospace, Defence and Security. 

They believe a company's most important assets are its people. As a result, they invest in identifying, developing and rewarding the know-how and merits of each individual, so they can be made available to all.

So when it comes to identifying graduates with a talent for real-time software design, that's something Leonardo are keen to do.

Which is where Feabhas comes in.

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How Feabhas works with Leonardo

Leonardo wants each graduate to have the best start to their working career, and the opportunity to benefit from an ongoing learning journey.

As a training provider dedicated to improving the quality of embedded software, Feabhas is delighted to have been supporting Leonardo with graduate assessments and onsite training since 2009. 

For the last 5 years, courses in both real-time software design and the essentials of the C++ programming language for real-time applications have been run in Edinburgh and Luton, for each graduate intake.

The results of the pre- and post-course assessments are shared with Leonardo. The team use them to help identify further development areas and to spot those with a real talent for particular areas of embedded software development, such as systems design and testing.

Partnership in practice

Today, the relationship between Leonardo and Feabhas is one of a valued partnership. One example of this is how Feabhas uses the pre-course assessment results to adapt course material to ensure the content is best suited to the needs of that year’s intake. 

Facts & figures (2009 - 2018)

  • Supporting Leonardo since 2009
  • Training in C++, C, UML, Testing, Design Patterns
  • Hands-on practical exercises and lectures from industry experts
  • 32 courses held
  • 375 training places filled
  • Onsite courses in Luton & Edinburgh

The difference we make

Here’s some of the feedback about us:

Very thorough lecturer, for whom no question is a problem, regardless of how it is phrased. Interesting notes and good to get experience of the compiler environment and target hardware.

A very useful course. I am currently updating a C++ project. It has highlighted a number of deficiencies that this project has, and has given me the tools to improve it.

Extremely good lecturer, he set a good pace and explained everything very clearly. Training attendee Leonardo

One of the most useful courses I’ve attended. Training attendee Leonardo

Feabhas training is excellent. They have the best tutor I have come across. Training attendee Leonardo

The tutor was very good at adapting the course to take account of the fact that several participants, including myself, had not used C before. Training attendee Leonardo

Really enjoyed it. Great benefit. Now my brain hurts! Training attendee Leonardo