Assessments & Audits

Training assessments

At Feabhas, we believe that training must provide a return on investment. Our pre and post course assessments of each delegate’s knowledge, enable you to see the improvement they have made as a result of their training.

Download our assessment datasheet here

Verification audits

Let Feabhas help you improve your software development effectiveness, productivity and quality.

The first step to improving your practices is to understand where there are strengths, deficiencies and shortfalls. As companies are often not in the best position to assess their own capabilities, that’s where Feabhas can help. 

Working alongside key implementers within the client organisation, we bring an external, independent perspective to the analysis.

Our process audits provide organisations with:

  • an assessment of their current practices and effectiveness
  • suggestions for methodology improvement (plus guidance on the potential impact of their adoption)

To learn more about our assessments and audits, please contact us.