Industry sectors

Embedded software skills matter

As embedded systems are normally isolated, it can be hard or even impossible to update them remotely. So whether you’re developing the latest robotic vacuum cleaner or a new vehicle braking system, you'll want the competency skills to ensure your embedded software is robust, reliable and meets the necessary quality and safety standards, as well as being developed efficiently. 

Feabhas expertise in your industry

Our experts are highly knowledgeable at improving embedded software competency in software design, development and testing. We can:

  • provide consultancy on your embedded software processes
  • assess your current engineers’ competencies
  • design and deliver off-the shelf or bespoke training programmes
  • help you ensure your team has the necessary skills to comply with internal and external quality standards
  • help you to apply proven and effective development techniques across large development teams in multiple locations 

Aerospace and military

Today’s aerospace and military systems embedded engineers are often required to design and develop products in shorter timescales, with lower budgets, and while still complying with rigorous quality standards.

Through our training and mentoring, we can help you apply proven and effective development techniques used in the consumer sectors, without compromising software integrity, performance or long-term flexibility.

We can also help you to ensure your teams have the software development skills needed to comply with standards such as RTCA DO-178 or Def Stan 00-55.


Embedded systems used in vehicle operations are subject to rigid compliance and safety standards. Get it wrong and the repercussions can be enormous; faulty software has been attributed to product failings with airbag deployment mechanisms, acceleration and braking systems.

Working with us will help to ensure your teams have the necessary skills to comply with quality standards such as ISO26262, IEC 61508 and EN 50128.

Telecommunications and media, consumer and medical devices

As devices get smarter, the embedded software design and development that powers them must get smarter too.  

Software issues that significantly affect performance, security or reliability can damage both the product, the brand and even affect the whole value chain.

We can help you to learn and apply the latest coding practices and techniques to deliver robust embedded software that’s fit for purpose.


Today’s microprocessors are required to have ever greater connectivity, graphics, photography, power and battery efficiency.

We can help your engineers and developers learn how to improve their embedded programming, security and testing processes so you can maintain or improve your competitive advantage.

Instrumentation & control

Embedded systems used to control smart meters, factory processes and industrial monitors are increasingly expected to have connectivity.

The IoT brings many application advantages and engineers looking to embrace these opportunities, should also consider reviewing or updating their embedded Linux security skills.