Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2019


November 5-6, Stockholm

Feabhas is pleased to announce that it will be presenting and exhibiting at Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS) 2019 in Stockholm this year.

Presentation - 'Introduction to Docker'

Niall Cooling will be delivering a talk on an 'Introduction to Docker'. 

Docker is a relatively new technology, only appearing just over five years ago. It has become integral to modern continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery in an Agile world.

Initially Docker was only supported on Linux, but more recently native support for OSX and Windows (albeit Windows 10 Pro) suddenly opens up some interesting workflow choices and benefits. 

Docker is normally associated with complex DevOps operations and cloud-based deployments (such as AWS). Nevertheless, Docker is still an invaluable tool for the modern embedded software team.

This presentation covers the different uses of Docker in the context of embedded software development and how it can significantly improve a company’s embedded software quality.

About ECS

Embedded Conference Scandinavia, ECS, has grown steadily each year since its start in 2006 and now attracts some 2,000 embedded professionals. It has developed into a premier international event offering a world-class conference, an important exhibition with leading suppliers of embedded products/services and the latest technology, popular social activities and the annual Swedish Embedded Award. Attending ECS and all the conference sessions is free of charge, but all delegates are asked to pre-register. Click here to learn more.