Complying with MISRA-C: Why and How

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Authors: Chris Hills

Complying with MISRA-C has been a bug bear for many programmers.  This presentation will look at why you should use coding standards in general and then MISRA-C in particular.  It will address how to apply a coding standard, both in general and with focus on MISRA-C, what are some of the common problems and how to avoid them. The talk will  also cover how to comply with MISRA-C where there are multiple sources for the source code e.g. legacy code, sub-contractors, bought in middleware etc.  The aspects highlighted in this paper should sooth things out for a more efficient development process.

Quality and Reliability - Weds 26th September 15.45 - 16.30

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Chris has been involved in the development of critical systems for over 30 years. He first got involved with MISRA-C in 1997, joining the MISRA-C Working Group (WG) as soon as it was formed to create MISRA-C:2004. He has been on the MISRA-C WG ever since. He is also chair of the MISRA-Languages WG.