A Choice of Course Delivery Methods


The Covid pandemic redefined the workplace and working culture for many of us. Part and full remote working and regular online meetings are here to stay inside many organisations now.

We continue to offer remote training on our courses, enabling attendees to join our live training sessions, no matter where they are located.

However, the general easing of restrictions means that we are now able to offer courses on a face-to-face basis, as well as remotely.

This gives organisations the opportunity to select how they’d like their training delivered. We have three options:

Remote training delivery

For remotely delivered courses:

  • Delegates connect individually via Zoom
  • full interaction with the lecturer including
    • live video stream
    • live annotation of presentations
    • whiteboard sessions
    • interaction for practical exercises
    • screen sharing for help with practical sessions
  • Emulation is used in labs which involve target hardware
  • PDF Manuals

Remote delivery also offers these other benefits

  • Post course recordings – we record each session and can make these available to delegates post-course
  • Emulator for use after the course – by using an emulator for lab sessions, engineers can continue to practise what they have learned after the course and we will continue to support them in this
  • No travel expenses – save on all travel expenses, for lecturer and delegates
  • Train teams who reside in multiple locations – if your team is split into multiple geographical locations we can still train them together

Interested? Contact us for more details

Face-to-face training delivery

Have a Feabhas lecturer on-site to deliver training to your engineers.

Some people find this the best way to learn and it enhances engagement levels.

  • choice of PDF or full colour printed manuals
  • Target hardware in the classroom where relevant
  • Emulation can be combined with target hardware

You will need to provide a suitable sized classroom and we will work closely with you on logistics to ensure your course runs smoothly.

We can deliver face to face globally – just Contact us with your requirements

Hybrid training delivery

We can also offer a mix of face-to-face and remote delivery on a training course.

We can be on your site teaching a group face-to-face, whilst some remote workers join over the internet

Contact us to discuss.

Please let us know your preference for a remote, face-to-face or a hybrid solution when you contact us about training for your engineers.