Agile for Embedded 2020 - Speakers & Abstracts - Niall

Agile requirements in a physical world

Niall Cooling, CEO, Feabhas

With the growth of UML during the late 1990's and early 2000's Use Cases became the most prominent approach for gathering and documenting requirements. Their simplicity enabled easy adoption for many projects. With the advent of Agile development, Use Cases have been largely replaced with User Stories. Agile evangelists claim User Stories drive the product backlog and that it can be thought of as a replacement for the requirements document. 

In this presentation, Niall Cooling will review the shortcomings of Use Cases and User Stories in the context of Requirements. It then will address the need for understanding the hierarchical nature of requirements and intent specification. Finally it will clarify where Use Cases and Users Stories fit into the gathering and documenting process.

About Niall

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Niall Cooling is a Chartered Engineer and Feabhas founder, one of the leading independent providers of training and consultancy for real-time embedded systems development and software competency. He has been delivering training and providing consultancy and mentoring to a wide variety of leading electronics companies world-wide for over 20 years.

He regularly works with a wide range of industries, ranging from industrial control to consumer devices and defence. Much of his recent work has been guiding companies around the necessary skills and tools to comply with automotive standards, such as ISO 26262, MISRA-C and Adaptive-Autosar.

Niall’s knowledge and presentational style see him regularly invited to be a guest speaker at industry conferences and events throughout the world and has presented many times at Embedded System Conference around the world and at ArmTechCon. He also has a particular interest in applying modern Agile techniques to software being developed for embedded systems.

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