Agile for Embedded 2020 - Speakers & Abstracts - James

Embracing virtual platform for fast automated embedded software tests

Dr James Hui, Engineering Specialist, Wind River

Wind River is famous for its RTOS which have been landed successfully on Mars, twice. We started the Agile/Lean journey by adopting automated testing on virtual platform 4 years ago. There are many lesson learnt, mind shift, design changes along the way. We would like to share our why, what and how this transformation means to Wind River. Our key takeaway is building a culture for Engineer to perform fast fail-safe continuous testing using virtual platforms, bring many benefits in both technically and financially. We learnt if Engineers are empowered to conduct automated test to learn faster with feedback, it will free up their time to produce more innovative solutions for our customers.

About James


Dr James Hui is an engineering specialist at Wind River. Hui addresses software simulation practices with a focus on model-based design, test driven development, digital twins, agile/lean and DevOps.

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