Agile for Embedded 2020 - Speakers & Abstracts - Edwin

The top 10 things you shouldn’t do

Edwin Adriaansen, Global Software Director, Dyson

Many people with some experience like to tell you how you should do your projects and which agile practices you should apply in order to be successful. I do not believe that I should do this as I don’t know your organization,and I believe every organization needs their own implementation of methods and practices. But what I can do, and hopefully it will be helpful to you, is to share my mistakes with you so you can avoid them from happening. 

About Edwin


Edwin studied Computer Science 25-odd years ago and has held various software engineering and management roles at large and small companies including TomTom and Dyson. Over the last 12 years he has managed software teams for consumer electronics companies and introduced agile practice into these organisations that traditionally worked with waterfall models. Edwin strongly believes that software engineering should focus on adding business value and that agile methods do help to achieve this. 

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