Update on Remote Delivery Training

Benefits of Remote Delivery Courses

remote deliver header.jpg

During the Covid-19 crisis we have been offering remote delivery of our training. This is available for on-site (company specific) courses and for our public schedule.

We will continue to offer this as a training option, even after engineers return to their offices. We see it is a great alternative delivery mechanism that should continue after classroom training becomes possible again.

For remotely delivered courses:

  • Delegates connect individually via Zoom
  • full interaction with the lecturer including
    • live video stream,
    • live annotation of presentations,
    • whiteboard sessions
    • interaction for practical exercises
    • screen sharing for help with practical sessions
  • Emulation is used in labs which involve target hardware.

Remote delivery also offers these other benefits:


  • Post course recordings – we record each session and can make these available to delegates post-course
  • Emulator for use after the course – by using an emulator for lab sessions, engineers can continue to practise what they have learned after the course and we will continue to support them in this
  • No travel expenses – save on all travel expenses, for lecturer and delegates
  • Train teams who reside in multiple locations – if your team is split into multiple geographical locations we can still train them together

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