Upcoming webinar - An Introduction to Hypervisors

20 October 10.00-10.30 BST

Are you planning to use a Cortex-A based device in a new project? If so, you may want to sign up for this webinar.

Niall Cooling has been invited by Hitex to run a 30 minute session on 20 October. 

This webinar is designed to clarify how Hypervisor technology available on modern ARM Cortex-A cores can add much need security and legacy support to new and existing deeply embedded applications. As well as explaining differing Hypervisor technology, it also covers useful application of this technology compared to traditional microcontroller systems.

Niall will also be providing an introduction to hypervisors, example use cases for multicore embedded systems, as well as a summary of the benefits and challenges associated with hypervisors.

Click here to register.

hitex webinar.png