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Wednesday 3 April 10am & 3pm BST

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From a development organisation’s point of view, ‘good’ software is software that is re-usable. More correctly, this means software that is robust, maintainable, flexible and extensible. We call this collection of attributes the Intrinsic Quality of the software. 

Intrinsic Quality is a property of the structure and communication in your system. It is about effective modularisation of your system. 

In this webinar, Feabhas Technical Consultant Glennan Carnie, will be taking a detailed look at the principles of good modularisation and explore the following:

- What is coupling and why is it so bad for the intrinsic quality of my system? 
- How to identify high coupling in code 
- How to improve the coupling in my system 
- Flexibility vs performance 
- The relationship between encapsulation and coupling 
- Understanding cohesion 
- Why understanding and encoding problem domain abstractions is vital to intrinsic quality 
- How maintaining levels of abstraction helps improve code quality 
- The cost of intrinsic quality 

There will also be time for questions. If you'd like to submit a question in advance for Glennan to include in the webinar, please let us know.

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We hope you can join us.

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