Niall Cooling to speak at Embedded Online Conference

How Agile is Changing the Face of Embedded Software Development - 20 May


Niall Cooling will be giving a presentation on AGILE and Embedded Software Development at the upcoming Embedded Online Conference.   

About the conference

This is an online conference for Embedded Systems, DSP, Machine Learning and FPGA engineers. It offers the opportunity to attend high quality technical sessions from the comfort of your office (or anywhere with wi-fi).

Niall's talk is part of the Embedded Systems Programming track.

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About the presentation

This presentation is ideal for anyone who is either new to Agile, considering using Agile or even has experience in working with Agile methodologies and practices with embedded software or firmware developments.

It will clarify the Agile landscape, covering both process based aspects, such as Scrum and various techniques, including Test Driven Development (TDD) and some of the underlying foundation principles, such as Continuous Integration (CI).

As part of the discussion, we shall look at some of the modern-day tools that help apply Agile techniques (e.g. Docker) and finally look ahead to the current gaps and where embedded systems offer particular challenges to the use of Agile techniques.