Niall Cooling addressing Multi-core Programming in Embedded Systems at the Embedded Masterclass

Niall Cooling, CEO at Feabhas, will address Multi-core Programming in Embedded Systems at the Embedded Masterclas at Cambridge on the 5th October 2011.

In this presentation Niall will present the potential advantages of multi-core in an embedded context, covering the different models including simple algorithmic parallelisation, processes and threads, and virtualization. It will discuss how different classes of problems (for example task oriented vs. data oriented) map on to different programming models to exploit multi-core.

Finally he will look at some of the problems associated with multi-core, such as cache-coherency and the changes required from a programming model when moving from a single core to a multi-core architecture.

More about Embedded Masterclass

Over the past 10 years, the Embedded Masterclass has established itself as an important UK event for engineers looking to explore the most recent tools and technologies for the development of embedded systems.

The object of the Embedded Masterclass has always been to provide a 'non-sales' forum where embedded systems engineers can come along and meet a broad range of industry experts from key vendors and learn about what is happening at the leading edge of embedded microprocessor, DSP and FPGA technology.

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