Feabhas presenting at ESC Boston

Feabhas has been invited to present two sessions at the ESC Boston conference which is held on September 26-29 in the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

Nial Cooling, CEO at Feabhas will present on:

Microcontrollers & SoCs

This half day session looks at the Cortex from an embedded software engineers perspective and sees where ARM have implemented specific features (e.g. Unaligned data transfers, bit-banding) that aid the programmer developed a software support standard (CMSIS - Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Specification) for ease of porting and wider 3rd party software support (e.g. RTOS). built-in robustness support (privileged and user modes, memory protection unit) simplified and expanded debug options (Instrumented Trace Macro). Read more

System Integration & Test

One of the key benefits on the Agile movement is moving the test activity from test-after-construction (TAC) to test-before-construction(TBC. However almost all current test frameworks are based around either Java or C++. This class introduces Unity, an open source really lightweight test harness (1 x .c file and 2 x .h files) that can be used for in-target testing of an embedded C application. In this 75 minute class we will explain how Unity works, how to integrate into your environment and how to use it. Read more