Feabhas introduces training by remote delivery

We are pleased to announce that Feabhas courses are now available for remote delivery

remote deliver header.jpg

During the Covid-19 crisis we will only be offering remote delivery of training. This is available for on-site (company specific) courses and for our public schedule.


On-site training

On-site courses are delivered remotely via Zoom to a cohort of your engineers, each working from their home.

Delegates connect individually via Zoom and get full interaction with the lecturer, including a live video stream, live annotation of presentations, whiteboard sessions and interaction for practical exercises. Emulation will be used in labs which involve target hardware.

Each course presents different challenges and therefore different solutions regarding the practical exercises, so if you are interested in a course please contact us for more details.

Public courses

Our public course schedule is currently entirely remotely delivered. All delegates will join remotely. Dates are shown on our course calendar below.  Contact us for more details