Feabhas Offers New Design Patterns Course For Embedded Developers

Addresses issues with deploying C++ in an RTOS multi-tasking embedded environment 

Feabhas, the UK's leading independent provider of training and consultancy have announced the launch of a new course for real-time embedded systems software developers looking to deploy their C++ expertise in a multi-tasking, embedded environment.

Niall Cooling.JPG

Niall Cooling, CEO at Feabhas, explains why: “Compared to a hosted environment such as Linux or Windows, an embedded system is typically based around a real-time operating system (RTOS). An RTOS often has different characteristics or fewer features than its hosted equivalent, which means that the C++ standard concurrency (multi-threading) library is unlikely to be available or suitable.

As we have been training developers in C++ for many years, we wanted to share our experience of multi-threading & RTOS-based systems, and provide embedded developers with valuable and practical skills to overcome these issues.”

The new 3-day course, ‘Real-Time Design Patterns for Embedded Systems’ introduces C++ developers, designers and architects to the concepts of concurrent, multi-threaded design within the constraints of an embedded environment. 

As it focuses on developing the core features of an object-oriented RTOS abstraction layer using proven design patterns and idioms, it is also suitable for those wishing to improve their object-oriented design skills.

For more information on the new Design Patterns course or Feabhas training, please contact +44 (0) 1488 73050 or email info@feabhas.com

Feabhas have recently announced that they will be a key sponsor and presenter at the Electronics Weekly IoT Design Event, 3 December 2015, The Brewery, London.