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UML and SysML are controlled and managed by the Object Management Group.    


Bytronic supply technical training equipment for education and industry. We use the Bytronic washing machine simulator as part of our target hardware solution for language courses.


Our ''Robust Software For Embedded Systems'' Course is written by Niall Murphy, author of Front Panel: Designing Software for Embedded User Interfaces. Lawrence, KS: R&D Books, 1998. Niall has his own company PanelSoft and is a regular contributor to Embedded Systems Programming

Lindentree Associates

Jim Cooling, author of many popular real-time texts (e.g. Software Design for Real-time Systems Chapman and Hall 1991) is a regular lecturer with Feabhas and has authored several of our courses. Jim runs a consultancy known as Lindentree Associates and further details of his skills and publications can be found on his website.