Operating Systems for Embedded Applications

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Author: Colin Walls, Mentor

Most modern embedded applications employ and operating system of some sort. We will look at how operating systems work - the scheduler and various services provided by an OS to the application code - and at the options open for OS selection. We will also compare the use of commercial, open source and in-house products.

Real-Time Operating Systems - Weds 26th September 9.30 - 10.15

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Colin Walls has nearly forty years' experience in the electronics industry, largely involved with embedded software - very much a pioneer in this specialty.
He has been a frequent presenter at conferences and seminars including: Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose and Boston, Embedded World, Nuremberg, Arm Tech Con, California and Mentor events world-wide.

Colin has authored a great many technical articles and one of the first books on embedded software ["Programming Dedicated Microprocessors"; Macmillan Education, 1986]. His most recent publication is "Embedded Software: The Works" [2nd edition; Newnes, 2012], which addresses a wide range of embedded software topics.

He is an embedded software technologist with Mentor, a Siemens business, and maintains a blog at http://blogs.mentor.com/colinwalls.