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Wednesday 13 February 10am & 3pm GMT

Please note: this webinar was originally scheduled 6 February, but due to unforeseen circumstances will now run on 13 February. 

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The origins of the C programming language date back 1969. However, 50 years on there are still many misconceptions about certain aspects of the language, most notably the memory system. 

In this 45 minute webinar, Niall Cooling will take a deep-dive into understanding how a running C program uses the available memory, and how as programmers we can affect that model. 

His talk discusses both compile-time and run-time memory, showing how the compiler and linker come into play. It covers both how and when memory is allocated, initialised, used and released. 

Importantly it distinguishes between hosted programs (typically running on Linux) and freestanding (better known as deeply-embedded or bare-metal) programs, both with and without threading. 

It also differentiates the use of memory based on processor architectures. 

Finally it looks at where memory issues arise and why most embedded C coding standards, such as MISRA-C, ban certain memory usage models. 

There will also be time for questions. If you'd like to submit a question in advance for Niall to include in the webinar, please let us know.

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