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Jul 4, 2018 at 10am BST & 4pm BST

Registration is now open for our upcoming webinar on Are you anti-agile?. 

Agile development techniques are gaining traction in the embedded software world.  The stated goals of adopting agile work are to create a more responsive, efficient and effective organisation, which improves business performance and increases customer satisfaction.  These are, indeed, laudable goals so why are we seeing such a slow adoption of these techniques?  And why are so many commentators claiming “Agile is Dead”?
In this webinar, presented by Glennan Carnie,  we explore the fundamental nature of embedded software and why the ‘classic’ definitions of Agile may not be appropriate for many embedded systems.
Incorporating and integrating work from Michael Jackson, Eddie Obeng, Philip Armour and more, we present a coherent framework for assessing project risk, development methodologies and processes based on both customer problem domain and solution technologies.
The take-away from this session are the tools to assess the types of projects you face and what methodologies are best suited  to your development practices.
Do we want to make you anti-agile?  Absolutely not!  But we do want you to be able to critically assess agile development practices within the scope of your organisation.

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