Embedded Live Launches

Feabhas & WNIE Announce New Conference

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25-26 September, Birmingham, NEC

Following the success of our Agile for Embedded conference a last year, we are delighted to work with What's New in Electronics (WNIE) to bring the same format to a larger conference.

The UK lacks a national conference that offers practical and pragmatic advice to developers and we hope that Embedded Live will change this. 

About Embedded Live

Embedded Live is a new UK conference for Embedded Software Developers, designed to bring together engineers and experts from across the world of embedded software development, to share their experience and knowledge. Just as with Agile for Embedded, the Embedded Live conference focus will be on techniques and user stories rather than on tools and product pitches.

Embedded Live is part of What’s New in Electronics Live, an event that brings the world of electronics together with an extensive exhibition and more.

This year's Embedded Live conference programme will cover four current industry "hot topics", over two days:

Security and Safety
High-integrity design, implementation and testing is vital to both safety-critical and secure systems.  Safety is an enduring issue for Embedded Systems and continues to be a vital topic as electronics takes us into new areas such as driverless cars and medical devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) has driven an ever-increasing pressure on the security of embedded systems too.

Agile for Embedded
There is an increasing uptake of Agile techniques within Embedded Software Development. There are many lessons to be learned, as there is little published about how Agile works with the unique requirements of embedded development.  

Real-Time Operating Systems
Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) are at the core of many embedded systems. The correct selection and application of an RTOS is a key architectural decision for any embedded project. Many concepts of concurrent design are poorly understood by the developers of embedded software.  

Quality and Reliability
Software should always fulfil the needs of its users.  Beyond that embedded software developers are tasked with ensuring systems meet many other quality requirements – compliance to standards; providing extensible, flexible and maintainable designs; providing high levels of dependability, reliability and robustness. The management of these issues is vital to a successful project.

Want to get involved?

More details and a call for papers will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, to register your interest in sponsoring, speaking, attending or exhibiting at Embedded Live, please contact us. Thank you.