Introduction to CMSIS Zone – managing resources in microcontroller systems

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Author: Trevor Martin, Hitex

Small Cortex-M microcontroller-based systems are no longer so small. Designs can now consist of several processors with shared memory and peripherals. The next generation of ARMv8-M processors include hardware level security with TrustZone which adds further complexity of secure and non-secure operating modes. Successfully building such systems requires a clear partitioning of system resources from the outset. This talk will present the new CMSIS-Zone specification which defines a compiler independent method of describing system resources and how to partition these resources into different projects and execution areas. The talk will also look at how this works with modern RTOSs.  You will learn the key use cases for CMSIS-Zone along with an introduction to the CMSIS Zone design workflow along with the necessary open source tools. 

Real-Time Operating Systems - Weds 26th September 10.15 - 11.00

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Trevor is a specialist for ARM based microcontrollers. His role includes sales and support for development tools, consulting and project management, developing and presenting workshops and training courses and being all-round ARM guru. Trevor has also written a number of introductory books to accompany popular microcontrollers and development software, the latest one of which based on his popular Cortex course, was published in May 2013 with an updated volume published mid 2016.