Secure is the New Smart

Nick Glynn, Embedded Linux and Technical Consultant at Feabhas shares 25 top tips for hardening the application layer in your Linux device.

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Secure is the New Smart is designed to help anyone who is developing an internet-enabled Linux device for personal or business use. 

It highlights the main areas to consider and provides a practical checklist for developing applications for Embedded Linux. It also specifically addresses securing the application layer in the 'Linux security onion' (the device's physical system, code and application scripted onto the device by the developer) and shares 25 tips for:

  • Authentication and best practice 
  • Architecture and data 
  • Language, file paths and other coding tips

Following these tips should help developers to define an approach that ensures their data is explicitly validated, the software well written and as a result, that there is greater confidence in the device's security. 


Please click the link below to download the paper

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