Connectivity Drives the Need for Security to Ensure Safety

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Author: Julian Day, Green Hills Software

As embedded devices are more likely to be IoT connected, the software running on them is becoming substantially more complex. This complexity, if not well managed, will likely result in devices with a dramatic increase in the number of security vulnerabilities. Within a safety related or even life-critical system, such as those deployed for medical purposes, in transport and in industry, security vulnerabilities present as significant, but potentially unknown, hazards. How does one continue to respond to the market demands for additional product and connectivity features and yet build secure enough systems?

This talk examines this problem and solutions focusing on: secure coding practices, operating system separation, secure updates, security audits, and an overall culture of security vigilance throughout the software development organisation.

Security and Safety - Tues 25th September 15.25 - 15.50

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A senior FAE for Green Hills Software, Julian specialises in systems within the safety critical and security markets, particularly involving the use of the INTEGRITY RTOS. Julian has been assisting the development of airborne and ground based embedded systems in both the civilian and military sectors since 1992.

With the rise of IoT and the corresponding increase in the number of systems exposed to significant risk of attack, Julian finds himself applying the techniques, which were once reserved for high-end systems much more widely, as the need to satisfy security, reliability and robustness requirements has become more ubiquitous.