Automated protocol definition for data transfer for configuration and debugging

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Authors: Anto Joys Yesuadimai Michael, Llarina Lobo Palacios, Sebastian Zuther, Valeo

The automobile industry has been continuously growing in complexity. Vehicles contain more and more electronic devices controlling internal systems, from infotainment to airbags. Moving further towards autonomous vehicles calls for more complicated mathematical algorithms. The parametrization and debug data necessary for robust software development and testing keep evolving constantly. All this together with the necessary customizations for different manufacturers, diverse vehicle models, introduces a lot of variances in the format of the data that needs to be captured for analysis. To be able to debug the corresponding software and reproduce the vehicle behavior, it is essential to know the values of such parameters. Manually keeping track of which values are taken by these parameters in each vehicle that is tested is cumbersome and error prone. Subtle changes in the debug data format across versions raise compatibility issues. Therefore, an approach is proposed in which the configuration comes together with the input data for the analysis. The configuration and the debug data protocol is generated automatically during the build process and provides full backward compatibility with minor restrictions. Furthermore, the sending of such information is optimized not to burden the transmission bandwidth.

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Anto Michael is a software architect at Valeo specialising on implementation of complex mathematical algorithms in embedded software on micro-controllers for driver assistance systems in passenger cars. He has about 10 years of relevant industry experience.