Asynchronous messages, Synchronous messages and Futures

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Author: Glennan Carnie, Feabhas

Communication between tasks is a critical aspect of concurrent design.  Getting your communication patterns wrong can lead to incorrect or unpredictable system behaviour, corrupt system state or performance issues.

Starting from well-known patterns for mutual exclusion, signalling and data-sharing we'll build mechanisms for we'll explore some higher order patterns of task communication.  These patterns abstract the process of inter-task communication, making it more consistent, it robust, easier to test and easier to document.

No particular RTOS is targeted in this session; we'll use an independent OS abstraction layer.  The aim of this is to allow attendees to implement these patterns on their own RTOS, or as part of their own OS abstraction layer.

Real-Time Operating Systems  - Weds 26th September 11.45 - 12.30

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